Derived from Texas Hold’em, Omaha poker is a thrilling casino game. Today it’s available in all online gambling sites and casinos worldwide. There is an assumption that the game originated in the Wild West, a famous city in Nebraska called Omaha. In fact, the history of this poker type dates back only to 1982 and it was first introduced in Las Vegas, the City of Sin. Despite its young age, the game has acquired a great fame among punters all over the globe.

The Essence and Rules of Omaha Poker

This is a community card game played with 2-10 people at one table. The player who wins the pot becomes the owner of all the chips betted. The pot can be won either by having the best hand at the showdown or having all the other players folded their hands and becoming the only player left in the pot. To understand what is Omaha poker, it’s necessary to discover all its variations. The game can be met in the following types:

  • Pot limit – here every player can bet only what is there in the pot;
  • No limit – the pot in this Omaha poker is not limited and any player can bet as much as they wish up to all their chips at once;
  • Fixed limit – in this type of the game, every game and every round has a fixed betting amount.

Omaha poker rules don’t differ much from those of Hold’em. There are several betting rounds in every action of an Omaha poker hand. Every poker is given four-hole cards or otherwise called private cards, while five community cards are dealt face-up right on the board. In this poker type, a player must use only two-hole cards and three of the community cards for forming the best five-card hand possible. The common structure is to use two blinds, yet the game can be played also with multiple blinds, one blind, an ante, or an ante with blinds. Here are the rounds of betting:

  1. Opening deal;
  2. First betting round;
  3. The flop;
  4. Second betting round;
  5. The turn;
  6. Third betting round;
  7. The river;
  8. Final betting round;
  9. The showdown.

This was the structure and the most crucial rules of playing Omaha poker. Once you get at the table and start gambling, you will quickly get the necessary practice to play like a professional.

Tips and Tricks on Winning Omaha poker

It’s said that Omaha Poker is much like Texas Hold’em and that’s true. However, this is a more complex game that requires a strategy to play with to win. Here we’ve separated several most working tips and tricks to play on and win at an Omaha poker online right today.

Play a Tight Game

Whether to play Omaha poker to tight or too loose is up to the player. However, when only starting the game, players tend to make several common mistakes. They play too many hands, augment their hand’s value, or on the contrary, underestimate the hands of their opponents. As long as you are new to this game, play a tight game always. Be certain, you’d be playing a more balanced game then.

Value Your Starting Hand

While playing Omaha poker, be ready to meet big hands more often than in any other poker game. The best starting hand here is two aces and two kings suited, while the second best hand is aces with a ten and a jack suited. You see, once you have four hole cards it will be able to get more flushes and straights.

Odds Calculator

An odds calculator helps to estimate your chances of having a winning hand in Omaha poker online. You can run any scenario you may come across at a poker table, then see what odds and outs are possible. By covering the math of losing and losing the game, you can make the right step. This tool is helpful as long as you are playing Omaha online.